Video Ads

Show off what you have in 30 Seconds!

Large Projects

Music Videos, Longer Productions, Events

Our Video Ads allow you to showcase your business, restaurant, or idea in a series of short 30 second ads that can be used for advertising Online, TV or anywhere else you can think!


Projects typically go through three stages of production, and you can use the final product how you choose!


Why Video?


Video is the biggest attractor to Facebook pages, Twitter streams, and other Online mediums. People want to watch a short video, they interact with the post more, and are more likely to make a purchase decision from a video ad.


Where can I use it?


You can use it how you want! Run it on a loop in the window of your store, post it on Facebook, use it for YouTube ads. However you want you can. The finished file is yours!


Leverage the power of Video today to create

impactful advertising to your customers & clients!


Looking for something more?


We also offer the ability to get larger projects done too! Want to do a music video? Maybe a short movie? Or do you have an event that needs covering?


Create something special!


​​High Definition video, crystal clear audio, and great editing all come together to provide a spectacular end product. We work together through the process to ensure you get exactly what you want!


Use it how you want!


​​You retain all copyright to the content of the video, and can use it how you want. All we ask is that we stay in the credits. We can also help you with social media promotion, uploading to platforms such as YouTube and Vevo, and cutting Trailers    should the project need it!

Why Choose Level Up?


We have over two decades of video experience! Having trudged through the days of VHS, to the pioneering age of digital editing, on to full digital production, Level Up is an Award Winning video maker! We've won awards from the BC Festival of the Arts for experimental shorts! We also have experience in Hollywood productions, providing behind the scenes photography and video for No Tell Motel from Enderby Entertainment.



Level Up takes a fresh approach on how we work together. We understand that every business has budgets, and a certain amount of free assets to spend on services like ours.


We work together, build a strategy, and then provide a quote based on the following two models:


1. One Level at a Time - This is a one-time charge, billed once, and all inclusive of the respective service.


2. Keep me Leveled Up - a subscription based pricing model to suit what we are doing for you. Subscriptions keep it simple and you will never see a price per hour, unexpected hidden fees, or surprise bills. This makes it easy to budget, and you know exactly what you are getting and how much it will cost you.





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