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Art in the Digital Age

Building a successful online following and selling your art to them is our goal.
In the Digital Age there are many ways to go about this, we offer three main services to help you achieve bringing your art to the world.

Managed Patreon – Digitization of Art – Online Store & Fulfillment


Taking your Art to a whole new level

Selling artwork takes a community.
We help you build one across your Social Media platforms and onto new ones like Patreon.

Showcase your work, sell prints and reproductions, and build a private community on Patreon. All of these are ways to grow revenue and get your art into the hands of as many people as possible!

Keep scrolling to view our managed services and learn how you can use them to leverage new opportunities for your art!

Building an Online Community Can Be Overwhelming.

The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

Having a cohesive brand has never been more important than it is today.

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We work with you to build your brand if you don’t have one and solidify it if you do across all your points of contact.

Branding, graphics design, photography, copy-writing, creative construction. We take care of it all in a collaborative way.

Social Media Management

Social Media is a nessessity in the world today. We take care of the details, so you can focus on creating art.

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We can schedule and publish your posts, construct creative and write copy, as well as interact with your followers. Depending on the package, we also include paid advertising to reach more potential customers.

Coupled with Managed Patreon, you can easily build a great community you can be proud of and one that supports your art daily.

On Demand Printing

When you’re creating original artwork, you want to get it into your customers hands as much as possible.

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We have a partner network of vendors positioned in Canada, the US and Europe to bring your customers great experiences with buying reproductions. And the best part? There’s no inventory to hold!

Some of the product we produce are:

  • Prints & Canvas Reproductions
  • Shirt & other Apparel printing
  • Art Cards, playing cards, wall clocks and more.

We can also facilitate ordering bulk product at wholesale pricing all across Canada.

Workshops & Training

We also recognize that you may want to do it yourself, so we offer one on one training on how to do things!

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Learn how to post to social, build a community, manage your Patreon, and ultimatly build a community.

Website Development

From Blogging, to online galleries, to online stores, we’ve got you covered.

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We’ve partnered with GoDaddy to bring you world class online web services at great prices! Register your domain, host your site, and get professional Microsoft 365 e-mail and office tools under one roof!

We also look after building, maintaining, and growing your Website. We work with our WebBuilder, WordPress and more.

We love making great looking sites that provide you exactly what you’re looking for!

Community Building

A strong community creates a healthy environment for you to continue creating artwork. Your community supports you through Patreon, Art, print and apparel purchases as well as sharing it on social media and more.

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We help you build a community of followers that support you in your artistic journey. Through the power of Social Media, Patreon and other platforms, you can build a great place for people to come and enjoy your artwork, talk about it, and provide feedback and conversation around it.

Community is the heart and soul of a strong Art career.


One of the most important things you can do as an Artist is have your artwork digitized for both preservation and using it for resale. We use the latest technology to digitize your art through scanning and photography, and we then optimize the files for reproduction on things like prints, canvas, apparel and more, as well as in a format easily shared online through your social media.

We digitize in the highest resolutions possible so you have a highly detailed file that you can keep and re-use as often as you like.

You also retain full copyright and control over your images.


Want to get started?

Reach out to us today and let’s get your online, on demand, store built and running for you today!


When you are dealing with artwork, one of the largest obstacles is inventory. How much do you buy? Will it sell? What if it doesn’t sell?

All of these concerns are alleviated with On Demand. We have established a strong relationship with various vendors in Canada, the US, and the UK to print and distribute on demand.

Some of the items that are available:

  •  Shirts – T-Shirts, Hoodies, long sleeve, and more.
  • Apparel – Hats, toques (beanies), socks, tights, kids wear.
  • Household items – wall clocks, coasters, shower curtains, duvet covers and more.
  • Novelty Items – playing cards, buttons, stickers.
  • Prints – Paper prints, canvas reproductions, large and small format.

The best part is you can have as many or as little of these items for sale, and you don’t carry the inventory. They are all created when a customer places an order, and you get a cut of the profits!

Where do we come in?
We work with the vendors to create a great looking website and online store just for you to sell from. We then link it to your Social accounts and advertise through them to bring sales.

Want to get started?

Reach out to us today and let’s get your online, on demand, store built and running for you today!

Managed Patreon

What it is

What is Patreon? It’s an online platform that provides a space for a Community to come together around a person, artist or company.

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Patrons pledge to a pre-built tier that the Artist has setup, and for a monthly amount, they receive access to rewards from that tier.

It is a great way to build community, interact directly with your fans, and provide them with amazing content in exchange for a pledge.

How it works

It’s a pretty awesome place to build a community. The steps to build a Patreon are simple, but take work and time to execute regularly.

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You build an online community of paying fans that provide you with monthly income in exchange for rewards that you provide. They can be digital, physical or a combination of those. Also providing direct access via chat apps, live streaming and more can really build attention!

Those who build a strong community can really make some great money from the service, and the best part is you don’t need to pay any monthly fees to get started, it’s all free!

What we do

Where does Level Up come in? Well, we take the confusion out of things.

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We work with you to create a great Patreon account, build all the creative, construct the tiers, and in the end help facilitate the rewards, posts to your accounts and advertize your Patreon for you.

The best part is we work similarly to Patreon, only taking a percentage of the gross revenues, and so you don’t have to worry about any major monthly fees, and it’s also incentive for us to help you grow as we grow with you.

Begin your Patreon Journey today!

Get your community going! Reach out today for a free consultation on how we can build a great community that helps you pay for your art!

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NFT Creation & Management


What's an NFT?

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. Simply put it is a digital item that you put online, and the ownership of that digital item is recorded using the Crypto Currency blockchain.

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With the use of Crypto Currency, users exchange the ownership of NFT’s. You can provide simply the digital asset, or include additonal benefits like memberships, rewards, or physical items such as prints or the original art.

How it works

You create the art, either physically or digitally and it is then minted on the Crypto blockchain. This allows you to sell it to another user.

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The best part about NFT’s, aside from the current high profile of them, is that you can build in residual income. Each sale you can capture up to 10% of each resale the NFT has. So in essence you can keep earning each time it exchanges hands!

The Crypto art market is exploding, and many high profile artists are taking advantage of the exposure they provide, all while making money doing it!

We use the OpenSea NFT platform as there are no costs involved to mint your NFT’s.

What we do

Where does Level Up come in? Well, we take the confusion out of things.

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We work with you to create a great NFT marketplace, provide either full or coached social media marketing, and facilitation for Minting and converting crypto currency into dollars you can spend.

We simply take a small fee for the work, and you capitalize on the rest!

Begin your NFT Journey today!

Build your NFT gallery and start earning money through when you sell them!

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