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This day in age, Personal Branding has never been more important.

What is a Personal Brand & why is it important?

A personal brand is simply put, your reputation. On top of that it is how you present yourself in the online community and to prospective companies that you have applied to.

Our Personal Brand coaching sessions help you become the best you can be, so you have the highest chances as achieving your career goals.

Embark with us to finesse your Social Media Presence, build your online resume, and showcase your very best you to the world.

The very best you, showcased to the world

Brand Design & Strategy

We create your very own brand to bring to the world.

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Building a Personal Brand not only includes having a strong online presence, but also a full look and feel to everything you do.

We build you a Brand, just like any other business. Logos, colours, graphics and more! This is then applied to every part of your persona – LinkedIn, your Resume, Business Cards, Socials and more.

Social Media Audit

Social Media can both assist you, and harm you in your search for a job. We help to ensure it helps you!

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In the world of Social Media, your digital fingerprint is everywhere! Many hiring managers and HR Departments will also do additional background work by looking through your social media accounts and seeing what kind of a person you are outside of work. This is especially important when the reputation of the business/firm is important to them.

Is it fair to you? No. But that’s why we audit your social media channels with you to ensure you have the best looking profile, and that there’s nothing public that could hinder your career goals.

Style Overhaul

The finishing touch of a Personal Brand is how you look.

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On top of your overall Social Audit, resume building and interview coaching, style is another thing you want to kick up.

We work with you to ensure you look your best for any and all interviews through our Style Update.

First impressions are important, and on top of that if you look good, you feel good.

Custom Resumes

Prospective employers know when you’ve sent out a blanket Resume, or had one tailored to fit the job application.

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With a million different resumes going across the desks of hiring managers, and a lot of them being generic, template filled files, you want yours to stand out and be unique.

When you go to apply to a job posting, make sure your resume is tailored to fit that posting. This ensures the right information is front and centre, and the hiring manager sees it first.

We both create your resume, as well as provide you coaching on how to modify it for each application you make. We also discuss when it’s appropriate to provide a cover letter or not!

Interview Coaching

We train you to succeed in the interview.

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The interview is the place where prospective employers get to know you. Our Interview Coaching takes you through the process of an Interview, how to answer those difficult questions, and how to conduct yourself when you arrive, during, and after.

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