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The restaurant industry has changed. Have you adapted?

Restaurants have moved online

Online has become the place of choice for restaurants. Is yours there?

There are a lot of choices to get your food out there. Many of them eat directly into your hard earned profits.

We’re doing it differently. We NEVER take a commission. Our online services are subscription based, so you can easily budget for them, and know exactly how much you’ll pay each month.

Keep more of your profits.


Building your online presence

Brand Design & Strategy

Keep things cohesive and looking great everywhere.

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We work with you to keep your brand and look consistent across all your platforms. Anywhere your customer interacts with you, they should know it’s you. From your website, social channels, to your in restaurant menu.

Social Media

Video is essential to a strong Social Media presence & building trust with your clients

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If you don’t have a social media presence with your restaurant, you need to change that today!

Social media is the preferred point of contact for people looking to eat out or order in. You can show them tasty pictures of your food, direct them to your menu and allow them to order ahead, reserve a table or order delivery.

We have proven strategies for each social platform to bring in the most views and get people clicking the order button.

We use a combination of organic posts and paid advertising to get eyeballs on your restaurant.

Collaborative Approach

Together with our vendor partners, we can build a full advertising campaign to leverage direct mail, and more.

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We’ve partnered with a robust group of vendors to bring you the right solutions for your business.

 Our services include:

  • Website – build a great looking site that has all the needed information: menu, photos, location, contact info.
  • Online Reservations – easy reservation system that pushes directly to your house staff.
  • Order Online – let your customers order online for pickup or delivery. We have partners for facilitating payments.
  • Reserve & Pay Ahead – we have a partner that offers a unique way to increase your table turn rates. The customers can reserve a table, order ahead, and pay ahead. They sit down, you serve as they do.
  • Photography – make them hungry, more on this below.
  • Printing & Design – print your menu, design it, and make it look amazing.

Full service point of contact.

We look after it all, so you can focus on your customers!

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Being a full service point of contact means that we are your one stop for everything, so you can focus on what matters, and that’s making great tasting food and serving customers.

You can rely on us for Social Media posting, website updates, graphics design, printing of menus, and so much more.

With everything going on in your business, you don’t need to worry about trying to find someone to do it all. We’ve got you covered.

Food Photography

Make them hungry, and they’ll order.

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This is where it all comes together. Increase someones appetite by showing them how good your food looks. This will get them hungry, and heading over to your site to book a table.

Our approach to photography is that we come to you during a steady time, setup on your line, and as dished come off, we snap some pictures before they head out to the floor. This ensures we get fresh food, as well as it is cost conscious as you don’t have to make everything on your menu just for pictures.

We observe all food safety protocols, and are food safe certified. You handle the food, we take the pictures.

All the images here are from our clients.

Get in contact today to begin your journey in taking your Restaurant to the next level!

How our online ordering systems work

Online has become the place of choice for restaurants. Is yours there?

With the pandemic, online ordering has been pushed to exponential heights within this industry. And if you haven’t adapted your business to it yet, you need to!

Because of this, there are a lot of moving parts that can be daunting to look at, let along implement into your business. That’s where we come in. We work with you to determine what you are wanting and needing to ensure your customers are looked after and their orders are perfect.

Our services range from website design, menu creation, online ordering tools and printing of physical menus as well as social media marketing, advertising and photography.

Simply, we’re a single touch point for everything you need, so you can focus on what matters most – making great food for your customers.

We never take a commission, percentage or anything like that.

Majority of our services come free of charge, where others have a one time setup fee or modest monthly subscriptions.

Order Online

Build your online menu to your exacting specifications. Choose what menu items you will offer online, and provide pictures, descriptions, pricing and coupons for your online ordering.

You can also choose what options people can have to pickup, have delivered, with or without contact.

Table Reservations

Have easy online table reservations! With a click of the button, your customers can book a table. Anyone phoning in can also book with you and using your tablet you can schedule them in.

You can also set timing and other options for bookings, so ultra busy times are not allowed, or the minimum reservation, or max size.

Also let customers order ahead and pay for their orders on reservations to increase table turn rates.

Personalized App

For those that wish to engage their customer base directly, the personalized app is the way to go. It’s available for Apple and Andriod.

It allows you to have your menu, location and contact info directly on your customers device. Your customer can place orders, reservations and collect coupons easily.

You can also send push notifications directly to them – for things like deals, specials, events and more.


If you want to facilitate delivery, you can do so easily by adding the option, selecting zones for delivery, fees for those zones and order times/restrictions by zone.

Early Ordering

Let customers order ahead before you open.

Online Payments

Take online payments with various methods. We don’t take any commissions or percentages of profit. The system is setup as a monthly fee of $60/mo plus any credit transaction fees.

This allows you to have orders paid for in advance, for no contact pickup/delivery and order ahead reservations.

Coupons & Specials

Create automated coupons and specials to keep your customers coming back for more. Give them a percentage off, or a BOGO offer when they order online.

Online ordering sample

Click the button below to see how we can instantly integrate your online ordering process to your existing website. We also have options to create a fully integrated, seamless, online experience for your customers as well as Social Media integration.

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