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Ours is about empowering small businesses to reach new heights through online channels and coaching their teams to be the best they can be.


Level Up – Who We Are

Tap into the knowledge, experience, skill, and talent of Level Up.
With over 15 years of experience in retail business, marketing, and customer service excellence, we aim to enhance your business through careful observation, planning, teaching, social media, marketing, and re-branding.

We start with Why
Customers don’t buy what you do, they buy Why you do it. Simon Sinek hit’s it on the head here, and we believe the same thing. We know our why, it’s to empower Small Business & Entrepreneurs with the tools, skills, and support to make their business thrive through superior customer experience. Join us in this journey, and together we can build an awesome future.

Web Presence
You can’t deny the web this day in age. If you do, it’s like not having a telephone number in the ’90’s! We’ll work with you to bring your brand and your Why to the Online space so you can show prospective clientele your business with pride!

Social Media Marketing
Building your brand, and showing off your Why has never been easier. Leverage the under-leveraged with Social Media. The big businesses are not capitalizing on it, so get in now, where billions of people are, every single day!

Business Coaching
To showcase your Why, and provide excellent customer experience, Business Coaching is where you want to pay the most attention. You can have the greatest advertising campaign, the most navigable website, or a fantastic lineup of product, but if you disappoint the customer when they interact with you – it’s all over! Our coaching method is collaborative, and easy to implement. It will help you hire right, coach to ability, and follow up like never before.

On Demand Publishing
Have a great idea for a board game? Deck of cards? Maybe a book? We can work together to get your labour of love out into the world through on demand self publishing. This approach leverages the ability to advertise, distribute and showcase on your terms – All while keeping copyright yours.

If you’re going to leverage Social Media & the Web, you need video. It is a must. The video content that is being consumed though those channels outweighs any other medium. We have over 20 years of award winning video experience. Take that to your online space, and we’ll show off your Why like no other!

Our method is collaborative – You are the expert in your business. We aim to work with you to showcase your Why, build out your great looking brand, delve deeper into your business to see where the growth potential exists, and amp up your digital marketing presence.

Contact us today to find out how our unique outlook on business can help shape or reshape yours to better your customer’s experience and in turn your bottom line!

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