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Getting online can be complicated. We’ve made it easy.


Getting online with the services you need.

Our Web Services allow you to get Hosting, Domain Registration, Security, E-Mail, Microsoft 365 and much more all in one place.

Our comprehensive services come with 24/7 telephone support, as well as the option to contact us locally to assist with construction, maintenance, and design help.

Build a website. Build an online store. Build a blog. Build what you want!

Domain Registration

Your brand starts here – make it memorable

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Domains are your brand online. Make sure you have one that reflects your business and what you’re doing.

Click the link below to begin your search.

Community Building

Build a community, blog and more with our WordPress offerings.

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WordPress is a powerful platform to build your blog, online store, website and much more. It’s also great to build an online community with. Check out our WordPress offerings with the link below.

Microsoft 365

We’ve partnered with Microsoft and GoDaddy to bring you Microsoft 365!

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Microsoft 365 is the leading brand for office productivity. We offer a full suite of products for e-mail, online office tools and even desktop applications plus OneDrive storage.

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Keep everything safe

Security is paramount to keep your customers information safe and build strong SEO

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We have robust SSL certificates that will help secure your site and keep away those who would do your data harm. We also have full backup services and online storage.

Our E-Commerce WordPress package includes SSL at no extra cost. Click below to find out more.

Site Builders

For those looking for the fastest way to build a website, we’ve got your back.

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Our site builders allow for those who don’t want to deal with plugins, code or anything of the like. Simply select the template you want, change the font, adjust the colours, and add in your text, photos and graphics.

It’s simple, easy and we also provide SSL and other great tools at no charge!


We also provide a wide range of hosting, from cPanel, Plesk, Windows, Linux and more.

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We have a wide range of hosting services depending on your needs. From simple cPanel hosting to robust servers that can take large amounts of traffic and have the best security. Click below to see them.


It’s hard to find a great place to purchase hosting, domains and other services from. Know that we’ve got your back at all times. Our complimentary 24/7 telephone support is there for you regardless of the problem. We’ll get it sorted, or make it right.

View our full offerings below, and be confident when you make a purchase. We look forward to seeing what you create online!

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